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Success Stories From Our Clients:

"I recently completed one of Loyal Companions Dog Training programs with Jean. She was great to work with! My dogs both have anxiety, but Jean really helped me and my fiancé to better understand our dogs anxiousness and ways we can help them. Aside from that, she was able to effectively teach us many different commands for our dogs and also helped with leash training our dogs. I absolutely LOVE the fact that this company solely bases their training off of positive reinforcement. Jean was able to accommodate our schedule which we really appreciated as well. I 100% recommend that people check out the services that this company provides because of the success we have seen with our two dogs."

M. Anderson

"We've used loyal companions to jump start our puppies training. They're incredibly knowledgeable and have helped us face issues like crate training and walking on the leash head on. Our lessons have always been great and its obvious that they are 100 percent focused on making sure our puppy is happy and trained!"

C. Leahy

"I recently finished dog training program for my two dogs and it exceeded my expectations! Both of my dogs are leash pullers, barkers, and squirrel chasers. Jean helped us use positive reinforcement with our dogs to teach them to focus on us during a walk. During the training we got a better understanding of why dogs act the way the do. One of the main reasons we used this training program is because we wanted to find a training that used positive reinforcement and not a shock collar or anything similar. We love our dogs and wanted them to learn better behaviors in a positive setting. Our walks have been far more enjoyable and I know longer feel like the person embarrassingly trying to pull their barking dog away. 10/10 experience and would recommended to anyone trying to improve any aspect of their pets behavior!"

C. DeCristoforo

"I have a Doxie mix who is fearful of strangers and needed some basic obedience training. Jean did a great job of pinpointing what was causing his fear issues, gave me many pointers on how to help him be more confident, and helped us learn basic commands. Thanks Loyal Companions! :)"

S. Crenshaw

"I just finished my 2nd lesson and Jean is AMAZING! I have 2 full grown Husky mixes that are full of energy and impossible to walk on a leash...until training with Loyal Companions. Last night was our first leash lesson and they have shown DRAMATIC improvement. They are responding extremely well to her positive reinforcement methods. Jean has such a love for her clients both two legged and four legged. You can see her passion for animals and I HIGHLY recommend her for training! I cannot say enough praises and I am thrilled to see the confidence she has brought out in my dogs."

D. Hahn

"I took the online/phone dog training course with Loyal Companions. This is my first time having a dog so I wanted to make sure that he was trained properly. The teaching method that Loyal Companions uses is positive reinforcement, which was highly effective with my dog, a Labrador/German Shepherd mix. We started training him at about six months, and by the end of our sessions with Loyal Companions, he was able to learn: the signs and commands for "sit", "stay", "down", and "come"; to obey us every time we sign or say them; to stop licking and begging for attention; and the commands for "leave it" and "drop it", among others. I feel like, through this course, I have the tools I need to train and reinforce commands with my dog. I appreciated the personalized attention and goals that Loyal Companions offered, as well as the convenience of a time and day that fit into my schedule. I also value how much experience Loyal Companions has with training dogs, as I was able to get advice on how my dog will change attitude-wise as he gets older. If my dog ever has any issues in the future, I will definitely be calling Loyal Companions to help me out."

A. Holdcroft

Definitely recommend Loyal Companions!! She helped train my puppy five years ago and he’s a well-mannered, perfect pup because of her help! I was able to use her techniques for our second dog and it worked flawlessly.

A. Holdcroft

When I first got my dog, I signed him up for group training with a different business. Although it was nice, we really didn’t get anything out of it. It was not at all focused on my dog and his specific issues. One of the main reasons I wanted to try another trainer is because my dog has incredibly selective hearing, especially when we are on a walk. With the help of Jean, my pup actually acknowledges my existence and comes when I call even on a walk where there are many interesting things around grabbing his attention. Having Jean come into my home and see my dog in his element, helped to focus on his specific issues. Of course you have to do your homework! If you are debating whether or not to go with loyal companions, just do it. It will be worth it.

C. Thoen

"Jean was great with our dog! Before the training, it was hard to take our dog on a walk. She would pull, lunge at people or other dogs, and generally go nuts with excitement. After going through the training, we're able to walk our dog comfortably regardless of who or what's around us. Such a relief! Her method of positive reinforcement and giving insight as to how a dog is translating our behavior towards them was super helpful. She really puts the time in and cares about her work!"

A. Schlager

"Jean was wonderful with our yellow Lab, Arlo. Before Loyal Companions Arlo jumped up on people and we couldn't walk him without pulling and lurching. After all our lessons, we can now walk with ease. Let's people greet him without jumping up. With a few commands and positive reinforcement we have a new dog."

S. Kettner

"Heard of Loyal Companions through a friend. Found them to be very professional. They asked questions such as name address and phone no. of my vet. Wanted the cat carrier left out in case of emergency. Wanted to know if time should be spent grooming or playing with my cat. Wanted my phone no. And a back up number to make sure she could contact me. All in all I felt at ease and I did not have to worry. I could enjoy my vacation!!! Money well spent! Will use them again!"

C. Lewis (Pet Sitting Client)

"Jean is a amazing trainer. Very polite awesome with my dog. Only had 4 sessions so far and already major improvement with my dog."

A. Lee

"Hi Jean, I just wanted to say thank you for the training you helped me with my new love, Sonny. You were a wealth of knowledge in helping me train Sonny to in home obedience. I was one of the lucky ones who got a dog that was easy to teach. The homework is what seemed to work wonders. Again, thanks for your part in making my dog the best he can be."

Sincerely, Barbara

"Loyal Companions has been awesome for my two dogs. Reliable and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!"

T. Leigh

"Jean has been great to work with. She js dedicated to her profession and is committed to her clients."

Mike and Erika

"We found out about Loyal Companions when Jean noticed a new crate had been delivered to our house and stopped by to chat. We ended up talking for most the evening about a puppy we would soon be adopting and she gave us a ton of great advice to help us start out on the right foot! We chose to take her up on the puppy training lessons and it has been a huge help with training our puppy and understanding the do's and don'ts of dog ownership and training. Jean is really committed to getting you the results you want and making sure you learn healthy and effective training methods all at reasonable rates. Check her out!"

C. Kutz

"My dog and I learned a great deal from Jean. I highly recommend her."

E. Kemp

Contact us at 240-397-3997 or Jean@LoyalCompanions.net for more information.

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