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Assistance Dog Training

There is an increasing demand from people wanting to learn how to train their own dogs to assistant them. We will coach you on how to train your dog to do advanced commands and specialized tasks.

Service dog training benefits children and adults who have a physical or psychiatric disability. Your dog can give you the gift of independence. There are many different types of assistance dogs, for example; mobility assistance dogs, hearing dogs, psychiatric service dogs and autism service dogs.

The training commands range from:

  • Retrieving the phone for people who have certain medical conditions,

  • Alerting to sounds to help people that are deaf or hard of hearing,

  • Retrieving certain items for someone in a wheelchair,

  • Teaching sit or down-stay for tactile stimulation for calming someone down if they are having a panic attack,

  • Remind someone to take his or her medication,

  • And much more.

Note: Under the federal law (Americans with Disabilities Act - ADA), assistance dogs are allowed in public places where pets are prohibited, as long as the assistance dog has been trained for public access.

 Assistance Dog Training - please call for rates.

In-Home Skilled Dog Training

We are offering a unique dog training program were your dog can be trained to assist you in your own home. This option is for anybody, whether you are legally disabled or not. This option is great for people who can benefit from assistance dog tasks, but don't need their dog to assist them outside in public.

Your dog can be trained to:

  • Wake you up in the morning if you have problems waking up on time to go to work or school,

  • Retrieve the phone in case of health emergency,

  • Locate and alert a family member that you need them,

  • Walk on a loose leash to help reduce isolation and get exercise and fresh air, important for releasing the feel-good chemicals in the brain,

  • Retrieve something dropped on the floor if you have back problems,

  • Offer emotional support and comfort if you have depression, anxiety and for children with special needs,

  • And much more.

 Rates will vary depending on how much training is needed.

Satisfaction Guaranteed - We will come back for a free lesson, if your pet's behavior problem comes back.

Serving Frederick, Spring Ridge, Ballenger Creek, New Market, Lake Linganore, Ijamsville, Urbana, Yellow Springs, Wormans Mill, Mount Airy, Middletown and surrounding areas in Frederick County, Maryland for private in-home training.

Serving anywhere in the U.S. for online trainer services.

Clients who refer our services to someone who signs-up for our training will receive a free training lesson.

Contact us at 240-357-6047 or Loyalcompn@aol.com for more information and a training consultation.

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