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  • Are you looking for a professional dog trainer that is convenient, affordable and will solve your specific training objectives quickly?

  • Do you have a cat with behavior problems and don't know who to turn to for help?

  • Are you interested in training your own service dog and need some coaching from a professional trainer?

Loyal Companions can solve your dilemma. Learn how to train your dog or cat utilizing techniques that dog and other animal trainers have been using for decades to train their own pets. We will train your dog or cat using positive reinforcement training methods that are amazingly fast, easy and extremely effective. You will see immediate results that will have a life long impact. By using positive pet-friendly training methods to modify your pet’s behavior, your dog or cat will be motivated to behave the way you want them to.

Dog Obedience Training

We offer several dog training programs that are conducted conveniently in the privacy of your home. Other than just dog obedience training, we teach behavior modification, and puppy education and training.


  • The peace of mind you will be feeling when your dog comes to you the first time you call him or her and sits right in front of you,

  • Having enjoyable walks because your dog is walking nicely on a loose leash and walking by your side when you ask him or her to,

  • Impressing your guests when your dog politely greets them without jumping up on them,

  • And your dog going potty on command in a specific area of your choosing.

    Training your dog in your home is beneficial since that is where you and your dog spend most of the time together.

    Cat Behavioral Training

    Contrary to popular belief, cats can be trained in many of the same ways as a dog.

    We offer cat training in the privacy and convenience of your home.


  • The expense you will save when your cat is using the scratching post and not your furniture,

  • The relief you will be feeling when your cat always using the litter box,

  • And your cat listening and coming to you when you call him or her.

    Our lessons are personalized to your individual needs.

    Assistance Dog Training

    Having an assistance dog will give you a sense of empowerment. This option is for adults and children with disabilities who already have a dog and want their dog trained for assistance work.

    Another option is our Skilled Dog Training program. This is for people who can benefit from their dog learning service dog tasks within the home, but don't need their dog to assist them in public. This is also a great option for people who need their dog to give them emotion support for depression and/or anxiety.

    Online & Telephone Training

    We are excited to offer an innovative and affordable option to dog training. This is beneficial for people who are not local or just have a question that needs a quick solution.

    Receive professional advice, given at your convenience, with a personal telephone training consultation. You will also receive detailed step-by-step instructions delivered right to your e-mail or as a PDF.

    We also offer Cat Behavioral Training advice and solutions.

    Reviews From Some of Our Happy Clients:

    "We've used loyal companions to jump start our puppies training. They're incredibly knowledgeable and have helped us face issues like crate training and walking on the leash head on. Our lessons have always been great and its obvious that they are 100 percent focused on making sure our puppy is happy and trained!"

    C. Leahy

    "Jean was great with our dog! Before the training, it was hard to take our dog on a walk. She would pull, lunge at people or other dogs, and generally go nuts with excitement. After going through the training, we're able to walk our dog comfortably regardless of who or what's around us. Such a relief!..." Read More

    "I have a Doxie mix who is fearful of strangers and needed some basic obedience training. Jean did a great job of pinpointing what was causing his fear issues, gave me many pointers on how to help him be more confident, and helped us learn basic commands. Thanks Loyal Companions! :)"

    S. Crenshaw

    "My dog and I learned a great deal from Jean. I highly recommend her."

    E. Kemp

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    Satisfaction Guaranteed - We will come back for a free lesson, if your pet's behavior problem comes back.

    Serving Frederick, Spring Ridge, Ballenger Creek, New Market, Lake Linganore, Ijamsville, Urbana, Yellow Springs, Wormans Mill, Mount Airy, Middletown and surrounding areas in Frederick County, Maryland for private in-home training.

    Serving anywhere in the U.S. for online trainer services.

    Clients who refer our services to someone who signs-up for our training will receive a free training lesson.

    Contact us at 240-357-6047 or Loyalcompn@aol.com for more information and a training consultation.

  • Get professional advice through our Online & Telephone Training. We provide fast & affordable solutions to dog & cat behavior problems.

    Home     About Us     Dog Training     Cat Training     Pet Sitting     Reviews     Contact Us



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